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We are also proud to be the only company of our type operating in Australia: we provide mixed use strata management, body corporate management and a wide range of other strata-related services as part of our personalised and one-stop-shop suite of solutions. Our team is comprised of fully licensed managing agents and body corporate management specialists with an extensive level of industry knowledge. So no matter what kind of property you have, we have the experience and know-how to help you manage it effectively.

Fully Licensed
Our agents are all Licensed Managing agents with extensive knowledge in the industry.
Industry Knowledge
Our experience includes residential, commercial, community and mixed use developments.

Our suite of quality services include assistance with accounting, insurance, secretarial matters, by-law related issues, maintenance and meetings, among many other services.

We also have an easy-to-use online system that allows you to easily issue maintenance requests and carry out levy payments. We have Strata & Co offices in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, ACT and Tasmania – so no matter where you’re located, you’re sure to have strata and body corporate management specialists near you.

We understand the importance of international and multi-lingual owners, investors and developers, therefore have tailored a package that allows Strata & Co to interpret documents, give full access to interpreting services and a dedicated email and phone number to international clients allowing no time difference delay in responses.

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What is Strata?

A strata scheme is a building or a collection of buildings, where individuals each own a small portion (eg. an apartment or townhouse) but where there is common property (eg. external walls, windows, roof, driveways, foyers, fences, lawns and gardens) which every owner shares ownership over.

What is Strata Title?

The original concept of strata title was to allow people to own their flats in multi-level buildings. It is a means by which a person can buy and own property; which might be a substantial distance above ground level. Before strata title, the most common way of buying into a high rise building was to buy shares in the company which owned the building thus giving a right to occupy one of more of the flats. This is commonly called ‘company title’.

NSW Office of Fair Trading “Buying into a strata scheme?” 2006

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