What renters look for in a strata property

Do you have an investment property within a block of units, apartment building or townhouse complex? If you do, then you’ll know better than anyone that every so often, you’ll find yourself with a vacancy within one of your properties.

When a property is up for rent, you’ll want to get it off the market as quick as possible. But how? You have to know what renters are looking for when it comes to attracting potential tenants to your strata-based property. This way, you can meet their expectations.

Discover what exactly it is renters want within a strata property by reading below.

Reliable and responsive strata management and property managers

When securing and maintaining a long-term tenant, one of the most substantial things a resident will want is a quality strata manager and property manager that will assist when in need.

Playing different roles, both a strata manager and property manager work towards satisfying and keeping tenants happy. A reliable property manager is necessary as you must have someone on standby, ensuring your specific estate is running smoothly.

But a must-have for the overall building is an attentive strata manager. Along with the other property owners in the building or complex, you will want to ensure your community has responsive strata that provide quick turn-around and proactive management.

A potential renter can tell this by the state and condition of a building and property. If you require comprehensive strata management services in Sydney, then give Strata & Co. a call. We can help guide you to a better environment that will attract new tenants.

Clean common areas

When looking at a strata property, one of the essential things to a renter is the state of the common areas and what facilities the building offers.

Some renters will favour properties that feature and access particular facilities, such as a pool or gym, for more modern buildings. While many don’t necessarily require flashy common areas like these, they do expect any form of common areas to be well-kept and maintained.

Clean common areasPotential renters will notice dirty areas, smelly odours, graffiti, litter and poor paint jobs and consider this when applying for a property. The expected common areas they’ll care to see and investigate include shared gardens, rooftops, laundry rooms, stairwells and entryways.

If your common areas aren’t clean or they appear run-down, it is encouraged you bring this up at your next strata meeting or contact your strata manager directly.

Monitored and fair car parking

One of the most significant factors to tenants is the parking status. While this is considered at any property, it is most noticeable for strata properties like apartments, duplexes and flats.

What renters want is designated parking with the potential of street or guest parking when they invite people. This is important to highly trafficked suburbs such as those around the city and Eastern Suburbs.

While many strata management companies in Bondi, Coogee and similar surrounding suburbs don’t have a lot of room to offer, they can work with the spaces they have. This includes monitoring existing parking and fairly divvying spots between tenants and ensuring designated parking is being followed by all building occupants.

If your current parking areas are not well monitored or organised, this is something you can discuss at your upcoming strata meeting or by contacting your manager.

Now you know some of the top thing’s renters are looking for in a Sydney strata property, make sure you and your building are ticking all the boxes!

For a strata company that can provide a competitively priced and guaranteed service, contact Strata & Co. We offer a stress-free comprehensive strata scheme that uses expert strata management, corporate body management, and other strata related services.

To learn more about what we can do for your building or community, give us a call on 1300 033 947.