Strata balconies – what you need to know

Who actually owns the balcony in strata complexes? You may be asking this question as a homeowner or strata management service in Sydney. Specifically, when it comes to safety, repairs and maintenance, the question of ownership arises, “Who will pay, who is liable?”. Depending on the strata complex and bylaws, ownership and liability can differ. As a general rule, each lot owner owns anything within the four walls of their unit.

Keep reading below to learn more about some important points to note about balconies as a lot owner or strata management service.

Barbeques and smoking responsibility for strata balconies

If you love barbecues, be aware that some apartments have by-laws or rules that ban or restrict their use due to the smell they spread to other apartments & common property. It can also be restricted due to the health and safety risks they pose.

In some cases, you may be able to light up a barbecue if you are committed to ensuring it doesn’t cause smoke to drift onto the neighbouring or common property. A strata manager can help determine the fairest solution for barbecue use and enforce the by-laws relating to it.

Smoking on strata balconies also raises a crucial ‘nuisance factor’ regarding the safety of the common property.

It’s important to know the by-laws if you’re a smoker, expecting to host a smoker relative this summer, or you live in a community where you are exposed to smoke drift on your balcony. Strata owners usually have several options available to them regarding the banning of smoke penetrating any other lot or common property like balconies.

Key safety measures to take for strata balconies

Most balconies have some sort of weight restrictions to ensure their structural integrity. Be mindful of factors like how many people the structure can take and the type and weight of furniture you use.

Consistently check the condition of railings and keep close tabs on the behaviour happening on the balconies. immediately attend to and de-escalate any dangerous issues found, especially if those can affect the common property or pose dangerous risks for the safety of residents and others.

Key safety measures to take for strata balconiesStrata balconies maintenance

Safety and maintenance go hand in hand when it comes to strata balconies. Keeping your balcony in safe, clean and usable condition will decrease safety concerns. Whether your balcony is private or common property will decide if you’re personally responsible for maintaining a balcony and this depends on the specific strata plan.

If there’s a problem with balcony drainage, glass, railings or tiling, the strata management or owner’s corporation should be your first point of contact for maintenance and the lot owner should not undertake any direct DIY work. If there’s a problem or you wish to change the appearance of your balcony check with the strata committee first to seek permission or to arrange work orders.

Proper strata management is essential for Sydney strata properties to thrive. Flawed management can result in painful fees, damages and loss of business. Whether it’s a place of business or living, strata must be taken care of by responsive professionals — and Strata & Co. can do it all! Call Strata & Co on 1300 033 947 today.