What to look for in a strata management company

If you own a strata building, you may already have experience with strata management services. Perhaps you are unhappy with your service provider, or maybe you are looking for your first strata manager. Either way we will explore the main things you should be looking for when selecting a strata management company.


Not all strata service providers are created equal. Some only provide basic services; others are pre-packaged plans. It is best to choose a manager that can do it all.

It can be time-consuming to have a strata manager that fails to manage every area of your strata. You then must fill in the gaps and compensate for their lack of services. It can also be more expensive to have to deal with multiple points of contact.

Having a strata manager than can act as your main contact and provide services that cover all your needs is essential.

No area of your strata should be left uncovered – and Strata & Co., is the only strata management of the kind in Sydney that produces complete services. With us, you are covered.


Having managers that know your area is essential for effective strata management. Different areas have different needs, challenges and regulations – and only local strata companies can truly assist you.

Also, being local means that you are less likely to be left behind or forgotten as distant providers can get caught up with their own areas. Having local expertise that genuinely cares for you is key.

Fully licensed

This point may sound obvious, but your strata provider choice should be fully licensed. This will ensure industry knowledge and accountability.

A mistake in strata paperwork, systems or management can be costly and a real hassle. Having fully licensed managers ensure you get qualified advice, action and protection.

Strata & Co. not only has 100% licensed staff, but also industry knowledge in all areas of strata – from residential, commercial and corporate. This becomes especially important when legal work needs to be completed.


Just like how not all providers are created equal, no two strata buildings are the same as well. Each complex will face its own needs and challenges. Having a strata company that tailors the service based on your specific needs is crucial.

Otherwise, you will be left with uncovered areas of your strata which can cost you in the long run. Having bespoke plans means you get the coverage and services you deserve.


These are just some main areas that you should be looking for in a strata company. And Strata & Co. only offers the best for you!

If you are unhappy with your current provider or perhaps need your first strata manager, then give our friendly, local and comprehensive staff a call at 1300 033 947 to see how we can help you.