Green strata ideas

The thought of becoming more environmentally friendly has become a global effort. Many areas of business that would previously ignore green options are joining efforts.

There are many incentives to becoming greener, whether it’s financial subsidiaries, marketing opportunities or peace-of-mind for residents. In this article, we will discuss some areas strata owners can implement eco-friendly choices to not only help them, but the environment, too.

Solar power

Perhaps one of the most obvious green installation options available – solar power can be a great way to save energy. Large buildings will likely be unable to be completely solar powered, but even having some of the energy use be supplied by the sun can help.

Solar power is not only an investment for your building but also for the environment. In fact, some areas in NSW have government incentives for installing solar panels.

Competent strata managers like Strata & Co. would be able to assist you in knowing who qualifies for subsidies. The sun is a huge source of energy and powering your building with it is a great option.

Double-glazed windows

This is a simple option, but it can have a big impact in the long run. By having double-glazed glass in a city like Sydney that experiences quite beautiful weather, buildings can easily regulate their temperature. This cuts down on heating and cooling.

Studies show that by reducing the consumption of fuel for heating and cooling, CO2 levels are dramatically reduced in suburban areas. It is a small addition to buildings but can really help.


By making the right choices in lighting, you can drastically change your strata and help the environment. LED lights are energy efficient and are a great alternative. LEDs also save you money, with some businesses saving up to 20% per year.

Another way to perhaps improve lighting is through sensors. People may forget to turn off light, but if rooms have sensors, then the lights can be automated. This is especially helpful for bathrooms or common areas.


Conserving water, especially in Sydney where there are water restrictions, is vital. One way to ensure water usage is maximised is perhaps having automated sinks. Again, people often leave taps running and this is a huge waste of water.

Another simple method is by having all leaks in the building dealt with. Leaking taps can waste large amounts of water on long periods. By fixing them early, you eliminate the problem.

Rooftop gardens or plants

Having a rooftop garden or indoor plants is a highly effective and beautiful method of being greener. It literally adds green to your building.

Studies have shown that air quality can be improved by 90% by some plant varieties. Rooftop gardens also help foster a community vibe and can help people develop the habit of gardening and appreciating nature.

Even small choices can have huge impact over time. If you are interested in implementing any of these steps or perhaps want to hear about more ways you can help the environment, give Strata & Co. a call today at 1300 033 947. Our friendly and local staff are available to help you make smarter strata choices. Visit our website for other strata management services.