Should I have a strata rooftop garden?

Having a rooftop garden is highly effective in increasing the overall design, feel and use of your strata complex. However, any decision regarding your strata should be made with care and analysis. Not every choice is feasible or beneficial, which is why having  reliable and expert strata management services is often the best solution.

Sadly, not every building has the advantage of being able to have a garden on the roof. Some strata complexes have either limited access or perhaps industrial units located on the roof which makes growing one difficult. But there are still things that can be done to improve your strata.

There are many untapped benefits from having a rooftop garden and in this article, we are going to explore some of the main pros in order to help you make the right decision.


Sense of community

When living in a highly urbanised area, residents can often feel disconnected even though they may be surrounded by a lot of people. Usually the disconnect between nature and people causes negative results.

With a rooftop garden, it will give people the opportunity to relax, meet, have a hobby or just enjoy right near their home or office.

It is more inviting to spark conversation when surrounded by numerous plants and in an open space as opposed to a cramped hallway or lobby. Open spaces and nature provide a catalyst for those with similar planting interests to perhaps bond or develop a mutual friendship.

Australia often has amazing weather, so giving residents a place to get outdoors and enjoy it whilst still being close to their home is invaluable. BBQs, meet and greets, dates or even community events can all be hosted on a rooftop. And with a garden, it is much more likely to be used.Sense of community

Environmentally friendly

In a busy city like Sydney, it can be easy to neglect nature and just focus on industry. A rooftop garden is an easy and fun way at adding nature to concrete jungles.

These gardens can be extremely beneficial to the welfare of residents and the environment, with plants producing more oxygen and helping remove carbon dioxide.

Your rooftop garden may consist of herbs, vegetables and or fruits, which can provide incentive for people to help with the caretaking or even encourage the use of the rooftop.

Having a compost bin can allow people to reuse scraps and encourage recycling. This also helps the strata owners to cut down on waste.

The environment is something a lot of people are concerned about these days, so having a place where residents can help do their part and feel like they are making a difference is very beneficial.Environmentally friendly

Beautiful value

A well designed and maintained rooftop can increase the value of the property significantly. Choosing the right kind of plants will go a long way with making a desirable escape in your strata.

Having a functional, yet stylish design is a great marketing tool as it is an attractive feature for modern strata buildings. Residents not only love well-kept gardens, but if they have a hand in maintaining and improving it, it allows them to feel accomplished – like they are a part of beautifying this outside space.

Beautiful value

All in all, if you can have a functional and beautiful rooftop garden, then we recommend it. They build a sense of community, they are good for the environment and they are stunningly valuable.

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