Cracking concerns in my strata

Cracks in your strata, whether hairline or large, often cause people to fear. Most don’t know that cracks in buildings are often natural and perfectly fine in the right conditions. But serious cracking problems can result in major damage, so it makes sense that no matter how big or small the crack is, residents get worried.

In strata, it is important that potential risks and damages are mitigated as early as possible and that your strata community remains at peace and calm. In this blog, we will discuss how to deal with cracking concerns in your strata.

Do not panic

It is important to know that small cracks within buildings in NSW are normal. The land naturally becomes dry and wet depending on seasons and rainfall. Dryer land shrinks whilst wet land expands. This means that throughout the year, building foundations may expand and shrink slightly. However, this is expected and is not cause for immediate concern. In order to stop residents from panicking, ensure they understand this information beforehand.

Strata owners shouldn’t brush off complaints either. If cracks appear, they should be monitored.

What to do

Expert strata management companies will understand and have the resources to deal with serious cracking problems. If cracks appear, then the best immediate thing to do is to take a photo of the crack with a ruler and timestamp. This way you know how wide the crack is and you can see if it is growing significantly larger over a short period of time.

If large cracks are present already, then strata managers will know who to call and consult about sorting the issue out. Again, it may be nothing to worry about so monitoring is key.

Strata managers dealing with issues

Comprehensive strata companies in Sydney will understand exactly how to deal with various issues such as cracking. Strata & Co. can help with executing all things regarding repair and maintenance. Here is a list of some of our repair services:

  • Proactive maintenance, rather than reactive
  • Arrange building inspections and reports
  • Arrange for appropriately qualified contractors to undertake routine repairs and maintenance of the common property and/or specified owners corporation property. Provided that any expenditure incurred by the Strata Manager on such matters, does not exceed expenditure limit unless approval has been given
  • Obtain quotations for repair, maintenance and replacement of common property or specified property vested in the owners corporation
  • Liaise with tradesmen about work to be carried out on the strata scheme
  • Arrange and execute contracts pursuant to the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW)

As strata owners, you want the best for your property, but you also want convenience and simplicity. If issues arise, having responsive and qualified strata managers behind you is essential.

Strata & Co. specialises in making strata simple. We are a one-stop-shop for all your strata needs and can help mitigate the risk and deal with cracking issues within strata complexes on all levels – from residential, Mixed Use, Commercial and Community Schemes. For advice or more information on how to switch strata managers, contact our friendly and local team at 1300 033 947.