How to deal with noise complaints

There are various elements to strata living that only the most experienced strata companies in Sydney can manage.

When it comes to tenant issues, it can be challenging to navigate, but here at Strata & Co., we have some helpful tips on how to deal with noise complaints.

Dealing with the issue

It is important to understand that all those who live and work in a strata scheme should avoid being a nuisance to other tenants.

However, different strata buildings have different by-laws – and these may or may not include specific noise issues.

A good strata manager will be able to indicate in paperwork where the by-laws are stated. If new by-laws need to be drafted, then strata companies can assist in all the necessary steps.

It is often recommended that if there are noise problems amongst neighbours, they handle it maturely and hassle-free. But that doesn’t always happen, and one or more neighbours may end up complaining.

Strata issues

In this case, it is always best to get any complaints in writing because if further action needs to be taken, word of mouth can be hard to verify.

Enforcing the by-laws

If a by-law is in place and is being breached, then you can take the necessary actions to remedy that. But if perhaps no law is being broken, a new by-law could be introduced to resolve the issue.

This often requires the planning and execution of a committee meeting, which again, a company like Strata & Co. assists with.

Proper warning and explanation of any by-laws being broken is required to any offending tenants.

However, if problems persist, then further action can be taken and fines may be issued. Again, this is something that a strata manager can help advise.

All efforts to resolve issues civilly should be made before, resulting in any sort of legal action. This can be time-consuming, costly and relationship-damaging.

Seeking assistance

Mediation may also be a viable option, where an unbiased third-party listens to their dispute and then helps them resolve it.

Again, this may lead to something or may not – it is dependent on the individuals involved.

Strata meeting

Certain areas of Sydney are more prone to noise than others due to the active nightlife they may have.

Strata management in Bondi, for example, may be different from others as the area is close to the beach. It may lend itself to neighbours having a good time and forgetting about the time. It is wise to think about these things when writing up by-laws per building.

No matter the issue, Strata & Co. are your strata management experts. We are skilled in helping you deal with all sorts of issues – whether noise complaints or larger, more complex problems. It always helps to have reliable management on your side.

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