Tips on living with others

Strata living is highly beneficial but can have its down moments as well. It is crucial you understand how to navigate a life of living amongst others. This involves dealing with problems when they arise but also recognising what you may be doing that is causing issues.

In this article, we discuss some helpful tips for living with others.

Be aware

This can make the difference in your life. Being aware of the strata by-laws and rules can help you understand potential problems, if others are actually breaking them and ways to deal with issues.

Also, being aware of your own behaviour, noise and cleanliness can help mitigate potential flare ups with neighbours. When living with others, it is best to be conscious of what is happening.

Perhaps there is a notice or change in the building. If you notice that one of your fellow neighbours didn’t see or receive it, you can pass on the message. This can go a long way in establishing a trusting relationship with your strata community.

Strata living

For example, strata management in Cronulla will be different from the Sutherland Shire.

So, knowing the rules specific to your building is essential — especially if you have lived in a strata building prior and think you know the by-laws and rules.

Be involved

A thriving strata building is one where there is involvement and a sense of community.

Be actively interested in what happens in the building and stay informed if there are updates, events or changes.

Nobody likes a stickybeak, but being involved in the community on a basic level will enhance your living situation and those around you.

Be respectful

This one goes without saying, but when living amongst others, the best course of action is to be respectful and pleasant.

If a neighbour does something kind, say thank you. Obey the noise complaint rules and don’t treat common areas like your personal living room. If you yourself are doing this, it helps when dealing with neighbours that are breaking these courtesies as you are above reproach.


Be fast

If and when problems arise, deal with them quickly. Never let anything fester, as in strata buildings, they will eventually explode.

Dealing with issues quickly and appropriately will often get the best results and allow you and others to move on faster.

Oftentimes, problems are unintentional — and whether it is your fault or someone else’s, no one really wants to be the “annoying” strata person. Confront problems fast and then move on.

Be communicative

Talk to your neighbours when you have the chance. Whether it is general chit-chat or building updates, forming a communicative relationship with your fellow strata occupants can help make the living experience better for all.

If problems arise, talk to your neighbours first before taking legal or corporate action. Most of the time, they don’t realise they are even breaking the rules or being a nuisance. If infractions continue, then take it up the line.

By having an active relationship with those around you, you’ll be surprised at how beneficial it can be.


Be balanced

At the end of the day, you still want to have your private life even though you’re living close to others. But being balanced is key.

It can be hard at first to strike the balance between privacy and social activity when surrounded by all kinds of people, but it is crucial you eventually find it.

Being a balanced individual will make you a better neighbour and you’ll find your strata situation will improve.

These are just some tips for strata living. For more information regarding strata life, contact our experienced team at 1300 033 947. Our fully licensed team provides the best strata management in Sydney.