Swimming pools and strata

There are so many positive memories associated with childhood, summer and swimming pools.

Oftentimes, having a strata pool strongly attracts renters and owners. But, there are added regulations and safety concerns that must be taken into consideration.

Here is a guide to what you need to know about Sydney strata swimming pools.


According to the NSW Fair Trading site, the body corporate is responsible for ensuring all strata pools comply with Australian laws and regulations.

Pools in NSW must be registered here. Alternatively, your local council can do this on your behalf for a fee.

Australian swimming pools must remain safe and secure in order to prevent drownings. This is a very important factor in owning one, especially for a strata scheme where multiple people may use it.

Pools must have a fence with gates that comply with all Australian standards. If you need to have one built or upgraded, then check out the NSW guidelines here.

Strata swimming pool regulations

Though there are several fencing materials available, glass pool fencing is highly recommended. It’s a beautiful and safe option for pool areas.

It is important to remember that pools must have adequate signage throughout, which should include all pool rules as well as safety information for CPR.

From the 1st of September 2019, new CPR signage laws are in effect where updated signs must be used. These can be found at local pool or council shops or even at the Royal Life Saving club.

If you have a pool under construction from March 2019, new signage regulations indicate that, ‘a sign must be displayed in a prominent position near the pool that states, “this swimming pool is not to be occupied or used”. The sign must be displayed at all times while the pool is under construction and only removed once an occupation certificate has been issued for the pool, or once a certificate of compliance has been issued.’

Best practices

Owning a pool has its benefits, but the risks cannot be ignored.

Electricity and water do not mix well, so it is important to minimise the risk of accidents by limiting electrical use around pools.

Also, having clear communal rules such as ‘no running’, ‘no diving (in shallow water)’ and ‘no bringing of glass’ at the pool are all great ways to help ensure everyone’s safety.

Strata swimming pool best practices

All pools must be certified and kept in good condition so ensure yours is up-to-date and well-maintained, especially if you have pool heating or cleaning systems. See to it that these are being taken care of effectively.

Having a strata swimming pool is an awesome addition to your property. But don’t ignore the potential risks.

By checking with your qualified strata manager in Sydney, you should be able to get further guidance as to how to move forward with your strata pool.

Getting your swimming pool inspected and approved gives you peace of mind whilst complying with regulations.

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