How to handle parking disputes

Sydney has a reputation for its lack of parking. It is one of the worst features of an otherwise great city.

In strata complexes, there is the issue of ensuring there is enough parking for residents and monitoring whether people are infringing the parking spaces.

In this blog, we discuss the problems, solutions and regulations that can help you get a handle on Sydney strata parking issues.

Common parking issues

Parking infringements can come from residents themselves or people from the public trying to snag an easy spot.

Residents with several vehicles may try to take up multiple spaces. People visiting their family may use strata parking, unaware that it is designated to someone. Or some random individual may need a quick parking spot and take up a convenient but allocated spot.

These issues can quickly flare up into major disputes because it is a real inconvenience to residents.

Strata parking issues

What can you do?

The first step is to determine the specific strata by-laws regarding the parking allocations and regulations.

Are all spots allocated? Are there some reserved for emergency vehicles or the handicapped? Are there specific spaces for visitors? These are all important distinctions to be made before enforcing anything further.

If spaces are unclaimed, then residents may wish to write in and request it to be allocated to them.

One way to avoid parking disputes is to clearly label or mark your designated parking spots.

People will be less likely to steal a spot that is clearly allocated rather than one that looks unreserved.

Strata parking solution

If parking rules are breached, then strata owners have the right to implement penalties, as long as they comply with NSW Fair Trading.

Strata owners can work with local councils in order to manage parking spaces. This gives parking rangers the ability to issue fines for breaching parking regulations, provided that clear signage and notices are issued.

Also, vehicles that block entrances, driveways or emergency access points are actually a safety hazard and must be removed. Owners corporation can move these vehicles, as long as notification is provided.

Overall, it is vital that the issue of parking is properly handled and that residents, guests and the public are aware of exactly who can park where.

Get control of your parking space today and avoid the issues that could come up.

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