Does strata management look after guttering?

As the weather shifts, you may notice more debris falling into your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause water damage, irrigation problems and future building issues.

It is essential that all areas of your strata complex, from the ground to the roof, are well-maintained.

In this article, we will cover some important things to consider when it comes to gutters and other related aspects of strata maintenance.

Ill-managed strata properties are a common problem – and the results are costly. Even the tiniest issues that are not dealt with can lead to further problems. This is especially true in retirement village strata management where residents may not be in the physical position to mitigate the structural problems.

Who should fix it?

Where does the responsibility fall? Is it on residents, owners or strata managers?

Well, it depends.

If the building is a privately-owned lot, then typically, the responsibility falls to the owners. This may differ from strata complex to complex. This is because not all strata are the same.

But if you notice a gutter dilemma, it is wise to notify your landlord and they can advise the next steps.

If the building is managed by a comprehensive strata management service provider, such as Strata & Co., then organising to resolve the issue is straightforward. It is just a matter of detailing a request to our friendly team, and we can assist in organising the necessary steps. Not all strata services provide this level of care, but we aren’t like other services.

Why can’t I fix it myself?

Oftentimes, when residents see a fault, it can be easy for them to think “I’ll just fix that myself.”

There is nothing inherently wrong with this, except for when something goes wrong, and then the blame needs to be set. Most people are happy to do it themselves unless they end up with bad results or get hurt.

When it comes to strata buildings, it is always best to be sure as to who is supposed to fix or clean the gutters. This is because if a resident attempts to do it and gets hurt, the blame could come back to bite you. Having professionals handle the necessary repairs is advantageous unless they fall under the individual residents’ responsibility.

Once again, we at Strata & Co. can assist in helping you understand the legalities of managing strata as well as the responsibility of the residents, owners and managers. This ensures proper processes are in place, which guarantees safety and security.

Benefits of comprehensive strata management

We cannot stress enough the advantage of having proactive strata managers looking after your property. Whether it is commercial, residential or community strata management, an experienced and local team can help navigate the busy world of strata.

Strata management companies that specialise in a wide variety of services can save you a lot of time and money as you don’t have to worry about seeking multiple channels to get stuff done. Your strata manager will act as the funnel for your various needs.

If you require strata management or are looking for a change, then contact our friendly and qualified team at 1300 033 947. Our vibrant team is ready and willing to assist.