Do I have a lazy strata manager?

In almost every area of our lives, we rely on exchanging goods and services with other people. But sometimes, we lack the results we expect from service providers. This can have a huge impact on our businesses, lives and even our trust.

Here is how you can tell if your strata manager is lazy and what you can do to get better services.

1) Non-responsive

If you constantly have to follow up or try to get a hold of your strata manager to then get no response or acknowledgement, this is a bad sign. You need responsive and pro-active managers, especially when things are urgent.

Some people prefer to only be contacted when there are problems and just have things managed behind the scenes. That is fine if you have arranged that with your strata manager. But generally speaking, it is important to have good communication with your manager.

If a problem surfaces, you want to have the peace of mind that they will respond quickly. Perhaps it will take time to solve the problem, but at least you know they are working on it. Having someone responsive is essential and is a tell-tale sign of a good manager.

2) Lateness

Depending on the services you require, you may need reports, invoices or items mailed/emailed to you from time to time or regularly.

If reports are consistently late, invoices are always sent at random times and documents take too long to arrive, then this is another big sign of a lazy manager.

This is an indication of bad organisation skills and the company being overwhelmed which usually impacts other important areas of your service.

A good strata management company in Sydney stays on top of all the reports and paperwork that you require. You would know when you will receive these items when you have a consistent manager.

3) Complaints

Not all complaints fall under the jurisdiction of your strata manager, but if certain areas that they should be managing are not being handled properly, then there’s no doubt you will notice complaints about it.

This makes you and your property look unprofessional and can cause a bad reputation. A complaint is never desirable, especially if you are paying someone to manage that part of your strata. This is an obvious sign of laziness or incapability.

What can you do?

These are just a few signs of a lazy strata manager, but what exactly can you do about it?

If your strata manager in Sydney is exhibiting any or all of these signs, then the first step is to have a frank conversation. It is important to be vocal and have an official conversation about your concerns and queries.

This is the test. If things don’t change after you converse with them, then it is probably time to look for another manager.

What makes a good strata manager infographic

If you decide that you want to change strata managers, check out our article on how to do that here.

You don’t want to go from bad to worse, so make sure you are getting the best. Here is an article on what to look for in strata managers.

Here at Strata & Co., we pride ourselves on excellent service and avoid all the signs of a lazy strata manager. We have experienced and licensed staff local to Sydney.

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