What is strata body corporate management?

Body corporate is also known as Owners Corporation and it is responsible for selecting the way the common areas of the building are managed. It must function within all laws and regulations. Often, Body Corporate groups will get a strata company to manage this for them. Otherwise, a voluntary executive committee can opt to do the work themselves.

There is a lot of responsibility involved in strata, so opting to do it yourself can be risky and can lead to mistakes, damages, complaints or legal repercussions. Having an expert and comprehensive strata company handle your needs can ensure peace of mind and efficiency.

A strong corporate presence in a bustling city like Sydney is important. Common areas are often where first impressions are made. Having the right strata management services can make a big impact on your property value, common areas and building maintenance.

Numerous studies have concluded that the physical environments people are exposed to affects their mental health. In other words, the building you own or need managed will affect yourself, visitors and other residents, whether negatively or positively. Excellent Strata Management can help improve the overall atmosphere of your living environments.

Unfortunately, issues can arise with almost anything today and that includes your strata complex. Mitigate the risks and make it easier to dissolve issues by using an experienced Strata Manager. Rules and regulations must be kept – and it can be time consuming and annoying for busy businesses to have to stop and deal with these problems. Stay ahead and aware, but maintain tranquility knowing that you have reliable managers to deal with these tasks.

It is crucial that Owners Corporations clearly grasp the framework of ownership and guidelines especially if multiple owners are involved. This will ensure successful management of the strata can be conducted and all legal requirements are up to code.

Running an Owners Corporation is made a lot easier when the bins are emptied, and the landscaping is maintained without having to organise and manage this without a proactive Strata Manager. Strata & Co. can do a lot more than just that. We provide a holistic approach to Strata Management. We are a one-stop-shop, we can handle the day-to-day upkeep as well as financial, legal and insurance matters regarding strata.

If you need strata management in Sydney, then save time, money and resources by using one all-inclusive company like Strata & Co. Give us a call at 1300 033 947 today.