What does a strata management company do?

Do you work in a commercial or industrial community or live within an apartment or complex building?

If so, it’s likely that you often receive messages or announcements from your strata management company.

Although residents and tenants may get letters and see notices, many people do not understand the purpose of a strata management company.

This can be especially true if they also have a property manager for their space.

A strata management company is critical for shared properties with many units.

It makes for a more seamless experience. And also provides those who occupy the building with a more enjoyable and streamlined community.

Do you want to learn more about what a strata company is and what its role is? Keep reading below!

What is a strata manager company?

A strata management company is a team comprised of managers responsible for properties with multiple residential or commercial spaces. This includes those in apartments, units and complexes.

Unlike a property manager, who is responsible for a single property, strata companies are accountable for the entire group rather than an individual estate.

Generally, a property manager for an apartment will go to the building’s strata for issues related to strata management services.

What is a strata manager company?

What does a strata manager company do?

A strata company covers many roles, which can vary depending on the strata company you are under.

With multiple strata companies around Sydney, it is important to know who covers your building/complex.

This will help you when you need to refer or contact them about their services.

Typical day-to-day categorical tasks that strata managers are responsible for include administration, financial and social tasks. This includes being responsible for:

  • Ensuring community properties comply with legal and insurance policies
  • Staying on top of general ground maintenance
  • Managing administrative duties

When you have Strata & Co. as your strata company, we take a holistic approach to your property with our professional management.

Upstanding with all laws and regulations, we are prepared to answer all of your questions and help you understand legal jargon about your complex.

Situations that require you to contact your strata manager

When living in a strata community, some situations and events will require you to reach out and get assistance from your strata manager company.

Common situations that require your strata company include community-based cases like:

  • Planning a building-involved event for all residents
  • Requiring neighbour dispute mediation
  • Reviewing essential building services (i.e., fire safety)

On top of community situations, your strata manager generally is the contact for:

  • Enquiries on joint communal facilities such as a pool or courtyard
  • Repair and maintenance needs on communal areas of the property
  • The organisation of access and security services

These are not the limitations of a strata company’s role but just some common examples that they are often required for.

For more extensive detail on the duties of a strata manager, read on our blog here.

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