The benefits of comprehensive strata services

If you are a resident, owner or operator of a strata building, you understand what it is like to have incompetent strata managers – ones that are unresponsive, lazy or unqualified.

Regardless, you may also know how it is to work with excellent strata managers and the positive difference they can offer.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of comprehensive strata services and why you should choose a strata management company that provides you with the best.

Services provided

There are many strata companies in Sydney and trying to figure out which one to choose can be daunting. You can easily eliminate a lot of companies from your choices by assessing whether or not they provide comprehensive services.

A strata management company that can provide you with a wide host of services, rather than just on a selected few, can go a long way in helping you manage your complex.

Most strata companies will provide a few core services and outsource other areas.

But at Strata & Co., we offer all levels of strata management and are proud to be the only company of its kind in Australia. Our fully licensed and local teams are trained and skilled in comprehensive strata management.

Personalized service

Our unique approach to strata management is like a one-stop-shop, where you work with us for all your strata needs. A holistic approach provides numerous benefits such as an easier billing process which help organise and minimise fees and payments.

By being all-inclusive, there’s no need to work with multiple companies and people. You just have one point of contact that can filter all your needs which saves time, money and avoids unnecessary hassle.

Local industry knowledge

Our qualified team has experience with residential, commercial and community strata and we pride ourselves on our local knowledge of specific areas of Sydney. We understand the needs of your strata whether you are in Cronulla or Bondi.

The areas we have knowledge in and cover across Sydney include, but is not limited to, the Eastern Suburbs, the Sutherland Shire, Western Sydney, the Northern Beaches and the North Shore.

24-hour turnaround

Another benefit of being comprehensive is we offer after-hours contact numbers for any of your emergency needs. We aim to make strata straightforward, but that doesn’t mean we make it useless! We make strata simple for you by doing our job exceptionally.

Here at Strata & Co., we have you covered for all your comprehensive strata management needs in Sydney. From accounting and administration, by-laws, executive meetings, insurance and other extra services, we specialise in all areas of strata.

For more information about how to change your strata manager to a more competent one or perhaps a better understanding of our services, contact our friendly team at 1300 033 947 today!