Blacktown is the largest of any township in NSW and is highly cultural and diverse. And this area is a hub of activity and multiple strata properties. We offer our industry leading expertise and strata management services to Blacktown and surrounding suburbs, including:

  • Acacia Garden
  • Doonside
  • Kings Park
  • Marsden Park
  • Parklea
  • Prospect
  • Quakers Hill
  • Seven Hills
  • Stanhope Gardens

Our Strata Management Services

The most multi-cultural place in Sydney and one of the largest as well, Blacktown has a lot to offer NSW. With residential, commercial and corporate strata of all styles, having expert strata management services is essential.

With Strata & Co., you can have the peace of mind knowing that all areas of your strata are taken care of. We are local strata managers with expert staff. See how we can take care of all your needs today!





About Us

Established with the goal of providing Australia with the number one strata management company, Strata & Co. exists to serve you. We pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive strata service provider in Australia, but we also act locally to ensure the best service.

Our fully licensed staff can handle any request with full confidence. You will find our personalised approach refreshing, especially because we know that strata throughout Sydney ranges far and wide.

Built upon honest values, we don’t like hidden fees. Instead, we offer transparency and clear communication.

If you are after a reliable and friendly strata management company, then see the difference with us as we take strata and make it simple.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to be the only company of our type operating in Australia. We provide mixed-use strata management,
body corporate management and a wide range of other strata-related services as part of our personalised and
one-stop-shop suite of solutions.

Fully Licensed
Fully Licensed
Our agents are all Licensed Managing
agents with extensive knowledge in
the industry.
Industry Knowledge
Industry Knowledge
Our experience includes residential,
commercial, community and mixed-use
We offer strata solutions and
management for all levels of strata from
residential to corporate.
Reliable Support
Reliable Support
We have a 24-hour turnaround
on enquiries as well as emergency contact
details available.
Honest Communication
Honest Communication
With us you get 100% transparency
with no hidden fees. We work with you
to ensure you receive what you need.
Personal Touch
Personal Touch
No two strata are the same, which is
why we offer personalised and
customisable strata options for clients.

What can you expect from us?

Strata & Co. is your local strata manager. We undersand the needs and challenges of Blacktown and offer services to effectively manage strata schemes in the area. Our qualifed and local managers are always ready to help, giving you comfort and peace of mind. View some of our services below for a better idea of what we can do for you.

Check INSURANCE – We can help whether it is making a claim, getting quotes or renewing plans.

Check ACCOUNTING SERVICES – Tax time? Not a problem as we can help with taxes, establish and maintain trust, pay invoices and so much more.

Check BY-LAWS – We remain up-to-date on all laws and can answer any query from executive committees.

Check EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING – Distributing notices, attending meetings, preparing and distributing meeting minutes and other surrounding duties.

Check GENERAL – Arranging drafts, preparing lodgement, serving notices and issues and other general duties.

Check SECRETARIAL – We can maintain all aspects of secretarial duties from strata roll, correspondence and minutes and more.

Check MEETINGS – Whether you need us to organise, attend or record a meeting, we have you covered.

Check REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE – We can arrange and prepare qualified quotes or tradesmen to fix issues surrounding your strata.

Check EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS – We can prepare, attend and distribute meetings for those held during or after business hours.

Check EXTRA SERVICES – All other services ranging from invoices, building services, enquiries and security.


“Strata Made Simple” – Best Price Guaranteed!

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