Residential strata and the holiday season

The holiday season has officially arrived! With Christmas, New Year’s Eve and a variety of religious holidays falling in proximity, this time of year can be a hectic yet fun period full of celebrations and exciting events.

While the holiday season is an exciting time for many, it can also be not-so-great for others in your apartment building. 

Do you live in a residential strata community? You must maintain the peace and be considerate of your neighbours!

As a full-service strata management service in Sydney, we find that the best way to achieve a seamless strata community during the next few weeks is to be mindful of others in your complex.

Not sure how you can achieve this? Read our tips below!

Hold a strata community end of year party

It is always an excellent idea to build rapport between your neighbours by hosting a communal party. 

This is a great opportunity to bring everyone together and a great excuse to celebrate and be merry! You can organise this by speaking to your building manager or committee if you have one. 

Hold a strata community end of year party

Depending on the size of your building, you can include the entire complex. For a smaller, more intimate gathering, you can keep it to the neighbours on your floor.

This is a good way to bond and get to know fellow residents in your strata. It is also a thoughtful idea for those who don’t have anyone to celebrate it with, giving them a way to celebrate and feel included.

To spread the news of the event, you can post in a shared social media group, hang posters or drop mailouts in the letterboxes. Word of mouth is also sufficient. 

Play some music and ask people to bring their own drinks and snacks and possibly seats and you should be sorted!

Depending on the group size, you could host this in the biggest apartment between the group or the building’s communal garden or rooftop area. Just make sure you all clean up after yourselves once done!

Be mindful about your celebrations

Are you hosting family or friends this holiday season? No matter the celebration, you’ll want to make sure you are a good neighbour by keeping other tenants in mind.

Not all your neighbours celebrate the same holidays. With a diverse mix of religions and cultures celebrated in Sydney, it is important you do not offend your neighbours. Keeping peace and being respectful is key!

While it is all good and well to celebrate and have a party or gathering (assuming social distancing restrictions are followed), you should be aware of your surroundings. This includes keeping your volume to a certain level. 

From pumping music to general voice levels, you should ensure noise restrictions are followed. The last thing you want to do is disturb your neighbour with a sleeping newborn!

Requesting your guests to keep away from private parking spots is also important. They should not be inconveniencing your neighbours! Parking on the street or in the visitors parking spaces if you have any available should suffice.

It would help if you also gave your surrounding neighbours a heads up. This will keep them informed and will have them expecting noise. Plus, if they have any requests, you have time to make a compromise before your celebrations begin.

Also, letting your neighbours know will help with your security. By keeping them aware of when you’ll be celebrating and having guests over, they’ll be able to know when things look or don’t look suspicious.

Make peace and help your neighbours

By providing our strata management services to residential buildings across Sydney, we know how important it is for those who may have previously had issues with neighbours to take advantage of this time of year to make peace.

Whether you take over homemade goodies as an olive branch or leave them a greeting card, this could be a great way to mend any misunderstandings and to start new. 

Make peace and help your neighbours

Plus, many people are in a better mood when off work and celebrating. Take advantage of the holiday high and catch your neighbours when they are in their best mood. This is your chance to apologise for any previous misunderstandings.

But while it may be a cheery time for some, it can be stressful for others. 

It is important to remember this and look out for signs of those who may not be in a good headspace. If you do notice someone who may need help, there are a few things you can do to help.

Simply smiling and greeting them can make their day. Providing them with assistance during your time off through simple household chores or errands like getting their mail can also be a big help. 

For that festive touch, you could always gift them a small present or dish if you notice they are lonely too. If you have the room and feel comfortable, you could always invite them to your celebrations!

Have any questions about strata this holiday? Give your strata manager a call on 1300 033 947! We are always willing to assist our clients with any enquiries.

From the entire team at Strata & Co., we would like to wish all our clients a safe and happy holiday season. See you in the new year!