Innovative strata ideas for 2020

The new year is upon us – and there is no better time to begin implementing ideas and innovations that will set you up for the future.

Strata schemes are a great opportunity to apply up-and-coming ideas and potentially revolutionise your property.

In this article, we will discuss some potential ideas you could execute in your strata complex in order to remain modern and keep residents and users happy.


More and more people are looking for ways to contribute to a greener earth – and owning a strata complex gives you a great opportunity to help out.

All in all, having more plants can easily remove the industrial feel most building schemes unintentionally have. By exploring multiple landscaping options, you can effectively improve and reinvent the way your building exists.

A themed garden or perhaps sculpted plants provide an elegant feel. Plus, planting more trees and shrubs gives more privacy.

Don’t forget about the need for indoor plants! Check out our article about which ones are best in order to spice up your common areas.

Strata plants

Community events

If you own or manage a strata complex, then you have a unique opportunity to engage and influence a community.

More and more people are connecting with technology to the point where people desire and crave real world interactions.

Although events may require a lot of planning, a rooftop event, community garden or public initiative are all great ways to bring a community together.

Also, this has multiple benefits: it establishes you and your property as a community leader and influencer, provides residents and renters with opportunity and options and it gives back to society in an uplifting way.

Again, by virtue of having a building or scheme, you can greatly set yourself up as an attraction for the community.

Of course, balance is important. But it also allows you to foster a relationship that encourages feedback from both the community and the residents that you otherwise may not have built.

Strata community events

Security updates

People love feeling secure. And although people want 2020 to be a positive year, the truth is there are some that still commit crime.

Beefing up your premise’s security is a great way to reassure residents that you have their best interests in mind, whilst staying up-to-date with the latest security technology.

Whether you opt to introduce a new access control security system or further improve monitoring in common areas by installing CCTV cameras, people will appreciate the security.

You can even do simple things like, provide more lighting in ill-lit areas or reassure people by having a more open communication about security practices in place.

2020 is a year where people want to feel secure and comfortable about life. Your security upgrades could help with that! Not to mention, it establishes your whole property with more trust and credibility.

Strata security updates


These are just a few innovative and fresh ideas you can implement in order to establish your Sydney strata as a modern and trustworthy scheme.

For more information about ideas or exactly how you can follow through in making 2020 your best year, contact Strata & Co. at 1300 033 947. We make strata and innovation simple, as your strata management Sydney experts.