Corporate involvement in the community

One of the beautiful things about living in Australia is the tremendous sense of community we all love and share. This is why when something big happens to individuals or groups, whether good or bad, many people rally around them in support.

The amazing country we live in has recently experienced some of the worst natural disasters recorded.

The bushfires have scorched millions of acres, killed many animals and changed thousands of people’s lives. But as a nation, we come together to support the communities affected.

The brave and dedicated firefighters that have risked their lives to battle blazes deserve a mention in this article. Sadly, some have even lost their lives trying to protect and save others.

It is a difficult job running towards flames, some of which 50m high! We salute the brave men and women who have been on the frontlines of this tragedy.


Almost 2,000 homes have been lost since these fires began engulfing the country, with some towns destroyed entirely. Many have evacuated and relocated, putting their lives on hold until things subside. This has had a huge impact on people’s financial and emotional well-being.

It is for this reason we have started a Go Fund Me page that is completely transparent and directly distributes funds to the affected. We know that even the smallest amount counts and there are already so many people doing so much to help those impacted.

This is just a small way Strata & Co. is able to contribute.

Rebuilding communities and lives will take time, effort and support, but a resilient nation like ours can get through anything.

One of the areas that many forget about is the mental and emotional toll disasters have on people.

For many years, we have been proud supporters and contributors of R U OK?.

This is an organisation dedicated to ensuring people are okay and encourages the power of connection and friendship. We don’t need to be experts in order to help someone, we just need to be a friend.


The power of Australians truly comes out when we are faced with trials. The recent devastation has shown that although communities are physically vulnerable, they will never be broken.

Through hard work and resilience, Australians will rebuild and recover stronger than before.

We believe that it is important for corporations to extend their support for appeals like this because they have a larger platform to reach people. This is why we, at Strata & Co., offer strata management services in Sydney that can incorporate social and community events.

For more information about how to get involved with helping areas affected by the fires, the brave people fighting the flames or perhaps how you can be more involved in the community, contact our friendly team at Strata & Co. on 1300 033 947. We love helping people connect and grow together!